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Cat Loves Food, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

A refresher of that mighty dub Yamucha line, for those unfamiliar with it.

Where does it come from? What does it mean?

Well, it comes from DBZ episode 118, dubbed version naturally (that’d be episode 103 under the old numbering system), Frieza’s Counterattack being the American title (Note: Counter attack is not one word, FUNimation).

Anyway, basically, Yamucha is ha– hold on, time for a fanboy moment. Bowl Cut Yamucha! My second favourite Yamucha in the entire series! With his white shirt and vaguely Freeza Saga Gohan hairstyle, he’s got it going on.

This cel used to be everywhere on the ‘net at full size around four years ago. Where is it now? Memories! Light the corners of my mind!

Ok, sorry. Dub Yamucha is hanging out at Capsule Corporation, as he does, with Dub Bulma, Dub Oolong and Dub Pu’reh. That’s the entire set up, you see, as as soon as we open at this scene, Yamucha lets it fly.

Cat loves food, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yamucha, you fucking lunatic. Dub Bulma agrees, giggling and calling him a nut as Dub Yamucha pisses away any chance he had of beating Dub Vegeta for her (dub) affections by explaining it was a cat food commercial that Dub Pu’reh hates. Although Dub Pu’reh doesn’t seem to react to any of this, so maybe he was thinking of those “make sure your animals are neutered” commercials.

I understand the script writer(s) want to write their own lines and use their own creativity rather than just rephrase translated Japanese dialogue from ten years ago. But when the best your creative juices can generate is fucking “Cat loves food”, maybe you should sit down, shut up and just try and tweak the Japanese script to sound like fairly natural speech in whatever language you’re dubbing to and have Chris Sabat growl through it.

As a humour line it only works at all because it’s so horrible. How the hell do you explain away “Cat loves food” as anything but shitty writing? Tenshinhan’s arm supposedly growing back was shitty, but at least you could say it was censorship from on high. “Cat loves food” isn’t censuring anything, and if the line does result in censuring, it should be the censuring, and blackballing (and blueballing), of the two dollar hack that sat down and got paid to do the best job he could with this episode’s script and handed in that rubbish.

About the only good thing it did was become a fad for literally (not literally, but nearly) 20 seconds on YTMND and, of course, it allowed me to make this post. I just know everyone is syncing the sound file above to their mp3 players as I speak/type.


  1. Soapfish says:

    I recently watched Dragonball Evolution with a group of friends and we replaced all of Yamucha’s lines with Cat Loves Food Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Try it sometime. The movie becomes infinitely better.

  2. Ayelen says:

    I’m trying so hard not to laugh so I won’t have my dad asking me what’s so funny XD

  3. admin says:

    That’s what I like to hear! In the end, I do write all this junk just to get a few laughs out of people. That and internet fame. It’s all ’bout the fame.

  4. Stu says:

    I just had this in my head for days and couldn’t remember where from…it got to the point where i had to google it and found this – classic! Just had me crying with laughter!

    How could i forget!

  5. Son Wukong says:

    A site/blog about Yamucha…This life can’t get any better.

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